What Should Losties Call Me

My friends think that Lost doesn't connect to real life. Let me prove them wrong.

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katieknowswhatsup asked: lol I didn't now that Jack and Claire were half brothers. I just thought the were half siblings. Now that raises the question of how did Claire give birth to Aaron O.o


i actually peed a little


Hey Everyone!

Wow, I can’t believe I have 179 followers. That’s insane. Thank you so much for following me and proving to me and my friends who didn’t believe me that Losties are still out there. You are all amazing.

It’s summer vacation now and I don’t really have the access to a computer that I needed to make this blog. See my computer that I was making it on got taken away by my school for the summer. Well, I’m graduating so they wiped it… I’m sad. Anywho, all of my pictures and everything got taken away as well. And that upset me. 

This means that until I get a new laptop and get some more pictures, and my own laptop, I won’t be posting much. However, all submissions will go onto this page. Thanks so much for following me. I love all of you losties. And thanks for being my friends. After all, all we need is one person that truly loves us and I have 179. Thanks!!!

<3 Sam

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